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Urban Land-Use Planning


Urban land-use planning

Urban land-use planning is the most important planning tool for municipalities to direct and coordinate urban development. It is performed in a two-stage, formal procedure in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Federal Building Code (BauGB). On the superior level of preparatory land-use planning a zoning plan for the entire municipality (Flächennutzungsplan/ F-Plan) is established. It represents the legal basis for the binding site plans (Bebauungsplan/ B-Plan) that are developed for sub-areas of the municipality. While the F-Plan unfolds only an authority binding effect, the B-Plans are agreed as general statutes to regulate the physical structuring and other use of land. The B-Plans therefore are the essential legal prerequisite for the issuance of building permits by the building authorities. In Germany the municipalities are responsible for the development of urban land-use plans. The Federal Building Code sets very high standards on their content structure. It is inter alia the task of urban land-use planning to ensure an orderly urban development, decent conditions for human habitation and environment as well as to protect and develop the natural resources. All the relevant issues of environmental protection, landscape conservation and natural balance including environmental factors such as soil, water, air and climate also have to be considered. Land-use planning is therefore accompanied by landscape planning and the constitution of an independent environmental report documenting the environmental impact of the planning measures is now required by law. We do offer the following services to you:

  • Structural concepts
  • Urban design and preliminary development studies
  • Coordination of development plans with the objectives of regional planning
  • Process monitoring of citizen participation and involvement of public agencies
  • Legal Plans