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M e m o r i a l s -a n d -c e m e t e r i e s-


Modern Cemeteries

The cemetery culture has not stopped before the drastic social changes. Urn graves, lawn graves and tree burials take over more and more from the traditional forms of burial. Man no longer has the time to care of his family grave. Still, he wants to preserve a place of remembrance. In some places, a "family of choice", has replaced the traditional role of the "family of genealogy", for example the large football clubs which have their own urn cemeteries, maintained by the fans. The municipal cemeteries have to face off these developments, more than ever with innovative ideas and flexible concepts. Modern locations must not only be easy to care, cheap and reverent, they must present themselves individually and contemporary.

The figure at right shows a modern cemetery concept in which the idea of the biblical "God's acre" is taken up, a place where all people are equal. Accordingly, there are only uniform grave slabs, which are let into the turf. On the flanks there are benches made ​​of oak planks, and a memorial stele with a water feature. A gravel path divides the terrain clear and concise in an urn field and a grave field.