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Tourism Strategy for the municipality of Zweibruecken-Land

Tourism in the region of Zweibruecken-Land in the southwest of Rhineland-Palatinate, located between Saar, Lorraine and Palatinate Forest, has been playing a minor role, off the beaten track and away from the much more developed neighboring regions. Within the district of Southwest Palatinate, ZW-Land has the least developed gastronomy. This is surprising, since the region has to offer a variety of high quality potential that arises from a cultural landscape evolved over the centuries and a turbulent history along the Roman-Germanic language border. Since 1990, the conditions for tourist development, initially out of an emergency situation, improved significantly. After the withdrawal of the US forces from the region, the former military airport of Zweibruecken was converted into a civilian airport. In its periphery, the AirCity, a number of internationally renowned companies have now established. As part of the conversion Germany's largest factory outlet center, "The Style Outlets” (formerly Designer Outlet Zweibruecken) was developed, attracting about 3 million visitors per year from all over Germany and Europe to Zweibruecken, with upward tendency. Currently, the foreign visitors spend only a few hours in the area, usually only the time of their purchases. One of the main concerns of the tourism concept for the Union Community of Zweibrucken-Land, therefore, is to encourage the flow of visitors to prolong their stay in the region. At the same time the offers for regional recreation and leisure activities for different users and age groups shall be enhanced. This overall objective will be specified by three initial projects in order to strengthen the existing potentials and to generate synergy effects in the interaction of economic development, tourism and gastronomy. The priorities are evenly distributed over the Union Community area in order to generate a homogeneous and comprehensive impact. In northern Bechhofen a bike-park is supposed to be created, with the aim of attracting younger people in particular. In Contwig, the middle part, a landscape pond with a water playground and an alluvial forest site trail are planned to complement the recreational area around the municipal open-air pool. In the south of GroƟsteinhausen an observation tower will be built from where one can experience a full 360 degree panoramic view.