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Exhibition “Wir sind BUGA”


Special exhibition of the Chamber of Architects of Rhineland-Palatinate on the BUGA Koblenz 2011:

"We are BUGA" was a special exhibition by the Chamber of Architects of Rhineland-Palatinate, with the aim to present the bandwidth of the professions architect, interior designer, landscape architect and city planner to the public. The exhibition concept followed the permanent exhibition concept "Wuerfel im Architekturbaukasten". On single foam cubes short information about Rhineland-Palatinate architects were presented, such as the planning office Stefan Laport.

The exhibition could be seen from the 1st to the 19th of August as a part of the Federal Garden Show Koblenz in the entry building of the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein. The exhibition ended with the "day of architecture". A total of 24.000 visitors were counted during the three weeks.