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Exhibition “Architekturbaukasten”


"Wuerfel im Architekturbaukasten"

More space, more transitions, more light, more life! This was the title of a six-month permanent exhibition initiated by “zb: zentrumbaukultur”, an initiative of the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architecture, the “Dialog Baukultur” and the “Initiative Baukultur Oberes Mittelrheintal”. The visitors could explore light, color, shapes, epochs, landscapes and interiors with the architectural “construction kit”. On 128 foam cubes the works of 65 planning offices from Rhineland-Palatinate were presented in thematic order. The cubes, each printed with 6 different motives, could be combined in various ways, thus creating ever-new images, forms and structures. People could also sit on the cubes, with the effect that visitors themselves became part of the composition. A contribution by Stefan Laport (Battweiler) and Silvain Bigot (Tours) was exhibited in the category “more light”.

The exhibition was part of the Federal Garden Show in Koblenz and could been seen at around 180 days in the entry building of the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein. A total of about 180,000 interested visitors were counted - a remarkable success for the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate.