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Rhineland-Palatinate Garden Show (GER)


Regional Garden Show - graphically garden "bizarre"

Conception: Through the surrounding hills, the Upper Rhine Plain is protected from extreme weather situations. Therefore the region around Landau with its mild climate is ideal for viticulture. In contrast to the temperate climate of Central Europe with its predominantly westerly winds the Rhine valley has almost Mediterranean conditions. The theme garden "bizarre" refers to the geographical and climatic feature of Landau and the Southwest Palatinate: An uniform grid of 640 pieces with about 40-60 cm high cypresses represents the large-scale climate of Central Europe. In the Rhine valley, the system is disturbed. As a result, the distances between the cypress change. This process gives the design dynamics and artistic and innovative expression. The density of the elements creates a closed sculpture from the distance. While approaching one recognize the single individual with its bizarre shape The total hight of the composition is approximately 1 meter, So the viewer perceives the structure from a slightly higher perspective as a three dimensional composition. Moreover light and shadow provide the scenario spatial depth. The orientation of the cypresses is accented with red lines to enhanced graphical effects. The surface of beige sand gives intense contrasts with the green and red colors. As a result, the design seems even more abstract.

Collaboration: Annelie Berg, Mainz (GER), Contractor: Floratec, Raphael Carentz, Rehlingen-Siersburg (GER)